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Murtagh's Diagnostic Strategies

Murtagh's Diagnostic Strategies
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Murtagh's Diagnostic Strategies

1st Edition
174376927X · 9781743769270
By John Murtagh
© 2016 | Published: April 18, 2016

This unique, practical and user-friendly resource provides a handy guide to diagnostic strategies for busy GPs, succinctly covering all the common problems you may encounter in your practice, including, for example, Abdominal pain, Cough, Diarrhoea, Fever, Headache, Shoulder pain and Weight gain or loss.

In addition, it serves as a neat ready reference in a convenient package to facilitate study, in particular for registrars preparing for the Key Feature Problems (KFP) exam for RACGP Fellowship.

Each topic guides the GP in taking a key history for the specific presenting problem, such as detailed pain analysis, drug intake, family history, travel, diet and ‘red flags’. It lists the key examinations and investigations GPs need to perform, as well as providing helpful diagnostic tips. In addition, it provides easy-to-use checklists of:

    Probable diagnoses
    Serious disorders not to be missed
    Pitfalls (often missed)
    Masquerades checklist
    Is the patient trying to tell me something?

Murtagh’s Diagnostic Strategies covers 100 conditions, distilling John Murtagh’s many years of practical experience into one essential guide.



Abdominal pain, acute in adults

Abdominal pain, chronic or recurrent in adults

Abdominal pain, acute in children

Abdominal pain, recurrent in children

Abdominal pain in women

Abdominal swelling (generalised)


Amnesia, total or partial

Antisocial behaviour in adults
Arm and hand pain (excluding fractures)


Arthralgia/arthritis in children

Back pain, thoracic

Back pain, lower

Breast lumps in women

Breast, nipple discharge

Breast pain (mastalgia)

Calf pain

Chest pain in adults

Chest pain in children

Chronic constipation

Confusion, acute in adults


Cough, chronic in children

Crying and fussing in infants

Deafness and hearing loss



Disturbed or agitated patient




Dyspnoea, acute and chronic


Ear discharge (otorrhoea)

Ear pain

Epigastric pain


Erectile dysfunction

Eye, red and tender

Eye, acute and subacute painless loss of vision

Eye, gradual loss of vision

Facial pain

Falls in the elderly

The febrile child

Fever in the returned traveller

Fever that is prolonged

Fits, faints and funny turns

Foot and ankle pain



Haemoptysis in adults

Hair loss




Hip and buttock pain

Hirsutism in women



Jaundice in adults

Knee pain

Leg and ankle swelling

Leg pain

Leg ulcers

Limp in children



Mouth conditions, bleeding and painful gums

Mouth conditions, sore tongue

Mouth conditions, ulcers

Nail abnormalities

Nasal drip (rhinorrhoea)

Neck lumps

Neck pain and stiffness


Paraesthesia and numbness

Pelvic pain

Pruritus, generalised

Pruritus, localised skin

Pruritus ani


Rectal bleeding

Scrotal pain

Shoulder pain

Skin, acute skin eruptions

Skin, pigmented lesions

Skin, vesicular rash

Skin ulcers

Sore throat

The subfertile couple


Tiredness/chronic fatigue


Urinary incontinence

Vaginal discharge


Vulvar discomfort and irritation

Weight gain

Weight loss


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